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Hillyard Trident® NS13 Cordless Power Sweeper

Item # HY-56000

  • Telescopic tube, adjust the height for operator comfort. Light weight and robust, take it wherever you need it. Li-ion battery.
  • Working width w/side brushes: 13"; Power: 10.8V
  • Main cylindrical brush: 10"; Side brushes: (2) 3"
  • Debris hopper capacity: 115 cu ft.; Run time: up to 40 min
Manufacturers Item #HIL56000
  • Description

Universal joint, clean in all directions. 2 side brushes clean along walls and in corners. Clean all types of floors. The self-adjustable brushes can adapt to uneven floors. With the Li-ion battery you have maximum power, long lifetime, ready to use at any time, no self-discharge, rechargeable at any time, and cordless cleaning with no limits. Charging time 100% in 90 minutes. Handle height of 43.3 max.